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In addition to providing high-quality green or partially trained dogs, we also offer:

The Continental K9, LLC Guarantee

Continental K-9 LLC Guarantee

Our dogs have been tested in the areas of apprehension work, scent work, ball drive, search drive, environmental stability, psychological stability, and sociability. Such tests are not intended to replace basic handler and dog training. The tests are intended to select the best possible dogs for the handlers and your agency’s needs. Unless a dog is purchased exclusively for single purpose detector work, all dogs are guaranteed to be psychologically and physically suitable for basic patrol dog and dual-purpose detector dog training. If Continental K-9 staff does not conduct the basic training, it must be in accordance with generally accepted law enforcement canine training standards and guidelines. In addition, certified professional police or military canine trainers must conduct all basic training. Failure to do so may void the guarantee.

Continental K-9 trains the dogs and handlers to the standards of the USPCA and NPCA. If the dog is trained by Continental K-9 staff, the workability guarantee terminates once the dog successfully completes the basic training course. Lifetime problem solving, maintenance training, and retraining is provided at no cost to each K-9 team who successfully completes a Continental K-9 basic training course. This additional training must be conducted during an ongoing training course. Training a new handler to a previously trained dog would not be covered by this provision. If the dog is not trained by Continental K-9 staff, the workability guarantee is 90 days from the date of possession by the purchasing agency.

The dogs are guaranteed to be free from debilitating genetic defects in the hips and elbows for one year from the original date of possession by the purchasing agency. The dogs must be trained, cared for, and maintained as directed by the dog’s veterinarian(s) and training staff. Unless specifically approved by the training staff, new canine handlers must not engage in any training of a new dog without supervision by a member of the training staff. Health problems or related issues including behavioral problems or issues must be reported to Continental K-9 as soon as they are detected. Failure to make such a report may result in voiding the warranty. Continental K-9 will not be liable for any medical related treatment or exam fees pursuant to the warranty unless previously notified about the potential health problem. This warranty does not include social, behavioral, health, or medical problems due to poor diet, exposure to unusual or excessive environmental conditions, negligence, excessive compulsion, unsupervised training, injury, abuse, maltreatment, normal illness, bloat, torsion, disease, ingestion of any controlled substance(s) or other foreign substance, allergies, failure to provide appropriate preventative medical care, or failure of the handler to recognize a potential behavioral or social problem with the dog as a result of a learned behavior or potentially traumatic incident. This warranty does not cover behavioral problems or other trainability issues if an electronic training collar or bark collar was used on the dog. Handler aggression that occurs more than 30 days from when the agency took possession of the dog is not covered by this warranty If a dog is replaced pursuant to this guarantee, and the dog is being trained by Continental K-9 staff, the additional training that may be needed for the dog and handler to reach acceptable proficiency will be done at no extra charge.

Green dogs come with health records and a health certificate. Upon arrival in the U.S. each dog is tested for heartworm, Lymes, EHRL, and ANA. All dogs have also been given heartworm preventative, oral flea and tick preventative, and have been treated one time for potential internal parasites. Monthly heartworm and flea & tick preventatives must be administered by the new handler. We recommend a test of the dog’s stool be conducted at the new handler’s earliest convenience for internal parasites including but not limited to tape worms, round worms, and hook worms. De-worming may require multiple treatments. Green dogs have not been vaccinated for Lyme disease, Bordetella, or Leptospirosis. New handlers are encouraged to speak with their veterinarian regarding any additional vaccinations they recommend for the new dog(s). X-rays of the hips and elbows are on file and available upon request.

Since 9/11 the worldwide demand for quality imports has risen and keeps rising. As a result of the low supply of high-quality green dogs we are compelled to purchase these dogs at a much younger age. Trainers must adapt their training methods accordingly. New customers are reminded that during basic training these new dogs must be given an opportunity to learn with a minimum of compulsion. Dogs who are subjected to sudden dramatic or traumatic events or situations such as exposure to loud distraction devices may exhibit undesired behaviors or symptoms resulting in an inability to work as a police service dog. This warranty does not cover such situations should this occur outside of the presence or direction of Continental K-9 training staff.

High drive Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds are not generally a good fit for new K-9 handlers who do not have experience with these breeds. These breeds can be phenomenal working dogs in the right hands. Agencies who request such dogs and assign them to inexperienced handlers do so at their own risk. This guarantee does not cover situations where the agency requested a dog that fits this description and later becomes “too much dog”. This exclusion will be discussed in detail should an agency request a “higher drive” Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, or cross thereof.

The canine team has the responsibility to train and/or maintain the dog's skills in accordance with generally accepted principles and guidelines given to the handler upon purchasing the dog from Continental K-9. Continental K-9 and its training staff will work with all of our customers to the fullest extent possible to resolve any issues, problems, or complaints not specifically addressed here. Depending on the situation a replacement dog at reduced cost may be offered to a purchasing agency. Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the purchasing agency. Cash refunds are not included in this warranty.

The terms and conditions of this guarantee may be modified under a separate agreement agreed to by Continental K-9 LLC and the purchasing agency.

Updated 10-31-22

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